Thursday, March 28, 2013

And there you have it.

There simply isn't room for anything else when you're this happy.

I'm learning more about myself each day. I figured out that I really do prefer to laugh.And when I do, I just laugh more. My goal is to laugh like these two. Just let it rip. OMG, how I love this! An important point: in this picture, the little girl has an accomplice. For me, I'd be perfectly content to be either one. I have two friends who have "the devilment" inside and they share it with me. And then, we are three little imps finding trouble, and laughing at it. Oh how I love them. So...I have actually reached my goal, many times over. We three laugh like this. How incredibly fortunate I am! And don't get me started on my best friend. We laugh so hard that she wheezes up and I can't stop coughing. We laugh so hard sometimes I think I'm all laughed out. And then we start all over again. There is no one in this world I can laugh with like I do with the BFF. There are things that only we get. She'll say something in front of other people and I'm the only one who cracks up. We'll be in the car and she'll do something that makes me laugh-hard. She'll look at me and say, "you're the only one I can do that with" and she's right. It goes both ways.

That picture just makes me so happy. 

I'm also coming to the conclusion that the more I allow laughter into my day, especially at myself, the happier I'm becoming. 

And that makes me a great candidate for a partner. Because really, who wouldn't want to be around around someone with a sunny disposition when the air conditioner breaks? Or the car doesn't work? Or the Cuban coffee pot explodes? (That really happens to me.)

I hope that I find a happy person, too. Seriously. Have we already met?

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