Monday, March 4, 2013

This isn't about dating. But it's about how I'll be a good partner one day soon.

So, would you like to hear my most recent excitement? Like tonight? Well. I decided I would like to toast a tortilla.(I'm sure you see where this is going already.) While I was waiting, I went to look for a book. (if the Buddha dated:A Handbook for Finding Love on a Spiritual Path by Charlotte Kasl) I wasn't gone for long, and I came back because I had an intuitive feeling that something wasn't right. I walked into the kitchen to find...flames coming out the sides of the toaster oven! So, assessing the situation, I considered my options. First, I unplugged it in spite of the possibility of catching my sleeve on fire. Then, I took it out from under the cabinets. And then, I thought, I could: A) use the fire extinguisher, but then I'd have to open the door or B) open the door and throw baking soda in there but an electrical fire may not be put out with that or C) stand there helplessly as my tortilla perished. Ultimately, my tortilla went to the Big Oven in the Sky, (a moment of silence please) and my house was filled with smoke. Thankfully it's cold out so I could open the doors and windows. Sadly, I picked up the dead toaster oven and solemnly walked it out to the garage, where is sits waiting to be put out with the trash. 

And that was my Monday night. The take home for me here is that I have now handled a house fire and lived to talk about it, and I will make somebody a great partner because on my resume I can say I handle emergencies calmly. 


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