Monday, March 11, 2013

Holding on to the best

Just when I thought I would stop looking at my account for winks, favorites, emails...I received an email from someone. A simple introduction that has caused me to continually check for yet another email. She has the most centered, calming writing voice. This morning's email was a bit more revealing. She is poetic and thoughtful, tender. She is giving me the gift of slowly getting to know someone, in an old fashioned way. I love it.

She sounds just too good to be true. She says she wants to get to know me. How can she be real? She ordered some of the books I list in my profile. That felt good.

I am deeply worried that if and when we actually meet face to face, that she will be disappointed in what I look like. My profile picture is true, I do look like that, but it's a head shot. She may not like my body. She may decide right away, oh, no, this was a mistake. I cringe when I think that.

Her name is a favorite of mine. I forgot to tell her that one of the characters my best pal and I were writing about was given her name. I'll have to remember to do that.

I've been writing all morning. It's time to start my day! And yet, I will carry today's letter in my heart. I hope that if this ends, that it ends gently. I want to always treasure these beginning emails. They are so special.

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